To apply for an O-A visa, the Health insurance policy must have coverage not less than 400,000 Thai Baht per policy year for Inpatient, and not less than 40,000 Thai Baht per policy year for outpatient. The coverage requirement above will be valid until 30th of September 2021.

Starting from the 1st of October 2021 the Royal Thai Embassy has introduced the following new requirements for the said visa O-A application stated that the applicant must have a health insurance for the duration of stay, with coverage of at least three million baht. The new certificate will start after the date. (This apply to new customers only)

For renewal customers the coverage will continue as usual untill approximately 1st of September 2022

Coverage with top Thai private hospital
No advance payment needed with our Thai Health Insurance’s Card, acceptable with more than 300 Network Hospitals throughout Thailand.


Certificate for VISA

To confirm your insurance, we issue Certificate which can be use to apply VISA type O-A, 1 year.


Worldwide Coverage
Our coverage also include worldwide coverage and Emergency Assistant by Allianz Global Assistance** (terms and conditions apply to Allianz Global Assistance)

Coverage PlanExcellency 3M Excellency 5M
Health Insurance Coverage Maximum Payable per Disability/Time/Year3,000,0005,000,000
In-patient Hospitalization (IPD) Coverage
Room and Board, Including Nursing Care (Max. per disability/time)900,0001,200,000
- Normal Room (Max. per day, limit 60 days)15,00020,000
- ICU Room (Max. per day, limit 15 days)30,00040,000
- General Expenses (Max. per disability/time)150,000200,000
- Emergency OPD Treatment for Accident (Including in General Expenses)30,00040,000
Special Consultation Fee (Including in General Expenses)15,00020,000
- Ambulance Fee (Including in General Expenses)1,0001,000
Surgical Coverage
Surgeon's Operation Fee (Max. per disability/time, as per Actual Expenses)225,000300,000
- Surgical Consultation Fee (Including in Surgeon's Operation Fee)22,50030,000
Physician Care Coverage
Physician Care (Max. per disability/time)225,000300,000
- In-patient Physician Visit Fee (Max. per day, limit 60 days)3,7505,000
Major Medical Coverage
Maximum Payable per Disability/Time/Lifetime ( Pays 100 Percent of the Eligible Expenses in Excess of the Deductible )1,500,0003,000,000
- Deductible150,000200,000
- Room and Board, Including Nursing Care (Max. per day, starts on 61st day)
Worldwide Emergency Assistant Coverage (By Allianz Globall Assistance)
- Emergency Medical Evacuation
- Medical RepatriationUSD 1,000,000 USD 1,000,000
- Repatriation of Mortal Remain
Personal Accident Coverage (PA 2)
- Accidental Death, Dismemberment, and Total Permanent Disability200,000200,000
Age (Years)Excellency 3MExcellency 5M
15 Days - 5 Years176,248215,552
6 - 1078,94696,414
11 - 2049,75660,673
21 - 3540,02648,759
36 - 4045,86355,907
41 - 4549,75660,673
46 - 5059,48672,587
51 - 5569,21684,501
56 - 6078,94696,414
61 - 6598,574120,410
*66 - 70 (Renew only)137,832168,401
*71 - 75 (Renew only)196,886240,555
*76 - 85 (Renew only)294,188359,694