The Thailand Special Tourist Visa (STV) is a special visa introduced by the Tourism Authority of Thailand for long-stay tourists who would like to travel to Thailand. It is one of the economic measures by the Thai government to restore the local tourism industry that has been affected heavily by COVID-19.


We understand that STV visa can have various days and range of the stay which less than 1 year. However, our Health Insurance plan only available for 1 year, and renewable in the next policy year. And as of September 2022, we notice that STV still require to have coverage at least for IPD 400,000 and OPD 40,000 baht.

Note: Sometimes immigration office also ask for USD 100,000 Covid-19 coverage which we do not have Covid-19 only plan to offer. COVID-19 travel restrictions are changing daily. The following information reflects current understanding of the rules. We strongly advise you contact the embassy of the country you are visiting for the latest information.