Cancer Health Insurance insurer can claim without worry about the cost. This cancer insurance plan is found to be paid for as soon as the cost of the insurance is found to be diagnosed with any stage of cancer. 

Inpatient Coverage
Coverage PlanCS1000CS2000CS4000CS6000
Cover all types of cancers, at any stage exclude skin cancer100,000200,000400,000600,000
Personal Accident Coverage (PA 2)
Accident Death, Dismemberment, or Total Permanent Disability 20,00040,00080,000120,000
Premium (annually)
Premium Schedule CS1000CS2000CS4000CS6000
Age (Years)
  • Standard premium for each age band for the first policy year only.
  • Cover from 1 to 55 years of age renewable up to 70 years of age.
  • Renewal year premium will be adjusted according to increasing age of each insured person.
Insuring Agreement
  • This cancer insurance covers all type of for cancers at any stage (exclude skin cancers)
  • Details of insuring agreement shall be referred to the insurance policy.
Coverage Commencement
  • Coverage shall be start covered after the first 90 days waiting period.
  • Cancer from AIDS or HIV side effect.
  • Skin cancer except mole cancer or
  • Pre existing cancer.
  • Radiation cancer or nuclear cancer
Apply for Coverage and Support Document
  • Fill the Application Form and Applicant’s Health Condition Declaration Form truthfully and sign to certify**
  • Submit copy of ID card or copy of Passport for foreigner
  • For the youth, submit copy of ID Card or Birth Certification together with copy of ID Card of the parent
  • The company reserves the right to reject any application or accept with exclusions, according to underwriting standard of the company.
  • The company reserves the right not to renew each insured person within the first 2 years after start coverage.

** In case the applicant knows any fact but declares false statement or fails to declare it, in which should the company acknowledge it prior, the company may increase the insurance premium or reject the application, this insurance policy shall be voided, according to the Civil and Commercial Code, Section 865. The company has the right to dissolve it.