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Individual Health Insurance

Insuring Agreement
• This health insurance covers for treatment expenses resulting from injury from an accident or suffers from sickness for the actual expenses paid, up to the maximum limit of benefit as stated in the schedule of the insurance policy.
• Details of insuring agreement shell be referred to the insurance policy.

Coverage Commencement
• Coverage for sickness shall be start covered after the first 30 days waiting period, except 8 types of sickness that stipulated in the insurance policy shall be start covered after 120 days waiting period.
• Coverage for injury from accident and shall be covered immediately from the policy effective date.

• Pre-existing conditions, including related symptoms and chronic conditions that the applicant has had before this insurance policy is in effect, congenital abnormality or genetic disorders
• Cosmetic surgery, beautification treatment, or aging relieve treatment
• Treatment or surgery related to eyesight, dental or gum
• Treatment related to mental disorder
• Treatment which is not considered a modern medicine including alternative medicine
• Health check up and preventive vaccination
• Suicide or suicide attempt, self inflicted injury
• Other exclusions shall be referred to the insurance policy

Apply for Coverage and Support Document
• Fill the Application Form and Application's Health Condition Declaration Form truthfully and sign to certify**
• submit copy of ID Card or copy of passport for foreigner
• For the youth, submit copy of ID Card or Birth Certification together with copy of ID Card of the parent
• The company reserves the right to reject any application or accept with exclusions, according to underwriting standard of the company.
• The company reserves the right not to renew each insured person within the first 2 years after start coverage.
• The insured person can request for policy cancellation within 90 days after the first policy year effective date, and the company shell refund full premium before tax and duty to the insured person, in case there is no claims.

** In case the application knows any fact but declares false statement or faile to declare it, in which should the company acknowledge it prior, the company may increase the insurance premium or reject the application, this insurance policy shall bee voided, according to the Civil and Commercial Code, Section 865. The company has the right to dissolve it.

Information in this brochure Is only preliminary information provided for the applicant to consider for applying for health insurance coverage from the company, all insuring conditions shall be referred to Definition, General Conditions, General Exclusions, and Insuring Agreement of the health insurance policy of the company.
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